Sauna Accessories

The sauna accessories we supply here involve some types suitable for traditional sauna room, like damp-proof lamp, stove, thermometer, etc. With different functions, these devices provide the user with convenient and comfortable sauna experience. In addition, as for the infrared sauna, we supply MP3 controller, control panel with backlight, lights of various kinds, handle and heating instrument. These devices create a good sauna environment, supplying visual, auditory as well as tactile enjoyment.

In addition, the air ionizer is also available here. It can emit a large quantity of electrons which are then transformed into anions characterized by good biological activities. Such anions are able to effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air to make them easily absorbed by human body, thus good for people's health. Customers can choose appropriate sauna accessory in accordance with their various application needs.

Our company is a professional sauna manufacturer and supplier in China. The wide range of products we offer includes sauna accessories, collection infrared sauna, infrared heater, infrared chair, and more.

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