Steam Sauna Accessory

Steam Sauna Accessory
Explosion Proof Lamp Sauna Stone Sauna Stove Sauna Tub and Scoop
Thermometer Time Sand Glass

The steam sauna accessory involves damp proof light, sauna stone and stove, etc. To illustrate, the damp proof light not only boasts excellent ability against water vapor but also provides adequate illumination. The sauna stone, stove, tube and scoop can help supply enough heat. When the water is sprinkled on the sauna stone, a lot of steam will be produced, giving the user a special sauna experience. In addition, the user can directly get the real time temperature within the sauna by referring to the thermometer and adjust the temperature in accordance with his actual needs. Since the environment inside the sauna is usually humid or very hot, the watch or clock may be influenced to some extent. Fortunately, the time sand glass can approximately tell the user the time. Therefore, with such steam sauna accessory, users' requirements can be satisfied to the largest extent.

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