Infrared Sauna Accessory

Infrared Sauna Accessory
MP3 Controller Control Panel with Backlight Light Frame Ceramic Heater
Carbon Fiber Heater Carbon Fiber Heater Frame Handle 1 Handle 2
Handle 3 Handle 4 Handle 5 Handle 6
Metal Heater Ceramic Heater Frame Roof Light Air Ionizer

Infrared sauna accessory we provide here incorporates color therapy light with multiple colors, light frame, ceramic heater, handle, air ionizer, etc. It is due to these accessories that our infrared sauna has so many functions.

Specifically, the color therapy light is available in green, cyan, red as well as other colors. Together with the light frame with various patterns and the heat from the far infrared, such light is able to create diverse atmospheres. With the MP3 controller and control panel with backlight, the user can control devices inside the sauna. The handle in different shapes can not only be used by the user but also deliver good decoration effects. In addition, the roof light boasts great decorative and lighting abilities. Inside the sauna room are ceramic heater, carbon fiber heater as well as other heating devices. Customers can select appropriate infrared sauna accessory according to their specific requirements.

Our company is an experienced infrared sauna manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include infrared sauna accessory, PTC infrared heater, traditional sauna room, A Series collection infrared sauna, infrared chair, and more.

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