Infrared Heater

The infrared heater we supply here mainly incorporates portable type, quartz MICA type, wooden cabinet type, etc. Customers can choose different types to suit their room decoration.

Our infrared heater not only offers you effective zone heating but also helps you save a lot of money. It has been proven that some of our products are able to reduce 50% of the energy consumption. Different from a few conventional heating methods, our product is a clean heating option in the market with the far infrared ray as the heat source. Owing to the latest in home heating technology, it also boasts excellent air purification function. The cabinet does not get hot and has no exposed heating elements capable of causing fire. Our product will not decrease the humidity and oxygen in your home. Accordingly, it is a perfect solution to home heating.

Our portable quartz type has been greatly improved in certain aspects. It can be placed in any place as request to make customers warm and comfortable in their home during the whole winter while asking for lower costs. Engineered and designed by our own company, the personal heater can not only heat a more intimate space but also fits the bill reasonably.

The far infrared ray features great penetrability and radiation ability. Therefore, it is easy to be absorbed by objects and then transformed into the internal energy. Traditional charcoal will produce a large amount of CO during heating but the infrared ray will not. Electrical heating equipment will make human body dry when used in a long time but the infrared ray will not, as well.

The far infrared ray comes with remarkable temperature control and resonance effects. After being absorbed by human body, it will make the water molecules inside the body resonate and transfer the far infrared heat to deep parts beneath the skin. Thus, the temperature of such parts increases and the produced heat disperses from inside to outside. In such a case, human feel warm. Meanwhile, the capillary vessels are expanded, making the blood circulation increased, metabolism among different organizations strengthened and the immunological competence greatly improved. Therefore, our infrared heater is good for people's health.

Our company is a professional infrared heater manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including quartz MICA infrared heater, infrared chair, collection infrared sauna, outdoor sauna, and more.

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