PTC Infrared Heater

The PTC infrared heater comes with the AC cross flow fan for efficient and quiet heat propulsion. Such fan is adjustable with high and low setting. The PTC heating elements are installed in a beautiful plastic cabinet. This product uses the conventional 120V 3-prong grounded power cord which is 5.8 feet in length. Furthermore, the On/Off switch is on the rear.

Our PTC infrared heater features exceptional heating effects and high efficiency. It also supports sleep or Se mode for energy saving. There is an electronic thermostat. The user can adjust the temperature via the touch control panel, referring to the data showed by the LCD with backlight. If the heat is beyond a certain level, this product will automatically shut off. In addition, triple heating power levels are available. The power can also be manually adjusted. Apart from the power off memory and tip-over protection functions, this heating device can be IR remote controlled. Additionally, remote control comes with big and raised buttons. This product will also keep operating permanently in a default situation.

Technical Specifications
1. Power: 1500W (high), 1050W (low), 30W (none)
2. Power Supply: 120V/60HZ
3. Temperature Setting Range: 20-35℃
4. Preset Time Range: 0.5 to 23 hours
5. Size: (L) 46× (W) 36 × (H) 43 cm
6. Packing Size: (L) 48× (W) 42.5× (H) 54cm
7. N.W.: 24lbs
8. G.W.: 27lbs
9. 40'HQ Container: 616pcs

As an experienced PTC infrared heater manufacturer and supplier in China, this company offers a comprehensive range of products that includes collection infrared sauna, traditional sauna room, outdoor sauna, infrared chair, and more.

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