Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is designed with the far infrared as the heat source. As a kind of light energy coming from the sun, the far infrared ray has an essential impact on the well being of all living things. It is deemed as a revolutionary scientific breakthrough on the basis of the state-of-the-art technology. The far infrared was initially developed in the United States by NASA so as to offer healthful benefits of infrared energy in one compact, portable and user-friendly thermal system. Its advantages can be concluded as keeping people fit, improving skin texture, removing toxins, managing weight, promoting preventive health care, etc.

Our infrared sauna produces the heat the same as that generated by human body. Therefore, it has an exceptional therapeutic effect on the user's body. The heater can be made of ceramic or carbon fiber for high strength far infrared rays. This product can be easily used by connecting it to the power supply with a usual plug of 230V. Furthermore, it features simple installation but takes up a minimum space. Using our product, people can improve their immune system, relax muscle, reduce stress and tiredness, etc.

The far infrared is a kind of electromagnetic wave with a long wavelength. Featuring excellent penetrability, it can penetrate the human skin to the depth of 4 to 5 cm and make the cells produce substantive heat via the resonance effect. By doing so, the cells are activated to the largest extent, metabolism is improved, human microcirculation is strengthened, body wastes are expelled out, energy of organs and organizations of human body is enhanced, etc.

Our infrared sauna employs the Canadian hemlock or the red cedar as the material which boasts high wood density, natural and delicate wood grain, fine texture as well as strong ability against damp and corrosion. Especially, the red cedar can emit faint fragrance. In order to help the user have an enjoyable sauna experience, we also provide beverage rack, CD player, reading light, etc. Our product is designed in French style. With a variety of shapes, sizes and functions, it is suitable for people at different ages and can accommodate different numbers of people simultaneously. In addition, our infrared saunas have been widely used in personal home, beauty club, fitness center as well as other places.

Our company is a professional infrared sauna manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as D Series collection infrared sauna, infrared chair, infrared heater, and steam sauna accessory.

Our infrared saunas support DIY assembly by using internal and external buckles. The panel thickness is up to 5.5mm, and 4 layers of oil painting are applied.

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